Massage Stones - 45 Piece Professional Set with Beautiful Box -

Massage Stones - 45 Piece Professional Set with Beautiful Box

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Increase the massage offerings at your spa by incorporating hot stones. This Polish Stone Set includes 45 basalt stones in small, medium, large, XL, trigger and tones sizes that come in a professional wooden box to keep your stones organized. The small stones are sized for the face and neck area, the medium ones are perfect for the hands and arms and the large stones are intended for the back and legs. The heat helps relax muscles, in addition to relieving stress and enhancing the relaxing experience of a massage. Each stone is hand-ground and polished from natural basalt into a smooth, flat, even shape that expertly holds heat and sits on the body. Offer stone massages for your next appointments. These distinctive characteristics of shape and finish make them less abrasive to the skin and more ergonomic for therapists. Not only do these quality stones have the same heat-retaining capacity of natural stones, they are also easier to clean due to fewer crevices which in natural stones can carry harmful pathogens.

  • Set of 45 Hot Massage Stones
  • 1 pc XL stones (Sacrum)
  • 8 pcs L stones ( Back, leg)
  • 12 pcs M stones ( Hands, arms)
  • 12 pcs S stones ( Forehead, neck, face)
  • 2 Trigger stones
  • 10 tones
  • Professional Wooden Box to keep stones organized.
  • Best quality basalt stones. Not a cheap knockoff. 
  • Ergonomic for therapists.
  • Hand ground and polished.
  • Uniformed shape.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Less abrasive to the skin.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No harmful pathogens.
  • Pair it with our Massage Stone Heater
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